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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

What to brew, what to brew...

I have various brewing priorities that I'm trying to sort out. I have a wheat rye summer beer in primary. I have a Leuven pale in primary, but it's been there so long that it's clear as a bell and can be bottled. I have a multi-grain Saison to bottle. I have a Grisette in primary. I have a Saison Dupont style beer in primary too. I should probably let the Dupont strain go with just two beers produced on it, as I have lots of other yeasts lined up to try. I -could- pitch it one more time and make a super saison. I've meant to do that. We'll see. First things first. Tomorrow I will bottle the Leuven and brew a final beer on the Forbidden Fruit yeast, racking the Grisette to secondary.

Now, what beer?? I have two points of inspiration here, detailed in an earlier post, a beer of Randy's and the Hoegaarden Forbidden Fruit--a gorgeously soft malty beer. After a lot of fiddling around I arrived at the following: OG 1075. IBU 28.

6.5 lbs Vienna
3.5 lbs Wheat
3 lbs Munich
1.25 Carmel-Pils
.5 lbs Special B
2.5 oz Carafa II
2 lbs sugar

Bitter with Perle; Aroma with Saaz + some Coriander.

It just kind of feels right to me.


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