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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Beer Design Problem

What to do? What to do?

I had Forbidden Fruit in Canada. I loved it. 9% a.b.v. Other than that I don't know much.

I also had a beer Randy brewed a month or two later. It was called Dutch Castle II and had the following rough recipe: 2.3 English, 2.0 German, 2.30 Munich,2.25 Vienna, 3.5 Wheat. 9.3 ounces CaramelPils, 13.6 ounces Special B,3.5 ounces aromatic, 9.3 ounces caravienne. HOPS:1.5 ounces of Northern Brewer @ 60; 1.0 Saaz @ 1 min. 9% and 3.2% resprectively on the hops.

The recipe sounds scattershot, but the beer has a lovely soft maltiness that reminded me of the F.F. On tasting it again I get a tiny roughness that I think lowering the specialty malts would smooth out.

What if I were to design a recipe for my F.F. yeast cake along the following lines? Upper 1070's. Perhaps 25 I.B.U. Use wheat and Vienna as base malts. I have a lot of both and they should conspire to create a softness and a sound maltiness respectively. Munich could work. Special B and Aromatic would both be good. Sugar would also be appropriate to foster dryness. Orange peel and coriander would be fine too. Caramel-pils is a nice malt in a beer like this too.

I'll mull this over with a cup of coffee tomorrow. Not sure how to tackle it.


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