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Monday, July 03, 2006


I've had a couple really productive days of general household cleaning and low-level maintenance/decorating. Yay me! I find that peculiarly satisfying. I love sitting down in a room and doing whatever it is you're supposed to do in that type of room with no clutter, or bullshit, or mild filth to distract you.

So, here's a bottle of Nostradamus to celebrate. The only other Caracole beer I've had is Saxo, which I thought was spectacular. I got this at Beers of the World in Rochester.

This is a 9.5% alcohol beast with a color that's a shade lighter than Westmalle Dubbel--still a deep ruddy brown though. The nose is splendid: Cream; alcohol; milk chocolate; boysenberry; deep, savory licorice; penetrating malt.

The palate is full and malty sweet in that weird Belgian way, where the final gravity is actually pretty low. There's a beautiful, deep, bready taste that I find intoxicating. The finish is warm and long with just a little bit of bitterness keeping it lively. More and more port-like as it warms up.

This is an absolute knock-out and I suck for not buying more Caracole beers while I could--they had at least one other one I had never tried. Oh well.

Brew Like a Monk lists some specs/vague ingredients for this as I recall. Might make the start of a great recipe...


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