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Thursday, May 25, 2006

Toward an Altbier Recipe

I got a little carried away placing my last Northern Brewer order. I have to make an altbier now that I have the yeast. The timing is not all that propitious, but my basement is about 60 degrees right now and I think that will more or less do. I'm sipping Zum Eurige for inspiration.

The one I'm drinking, if the importer's web page is remotely correct, should have an OG of 1059 and 36 IBU. It's also dry-hopped.

Am I so lazy that I'll just steal a recipe? That would be rare for me, but this recipe of Denny Conn's looks pretty much like right where I was going to head based on my researchs of a few weeks ago:

I like the balance between Munich and pils. I'd like a chance to use up some dark Caramunich (I have too much laying around). The little touch of Carafa is totally appropriate. Sheesh, why screw with it? I don't like the first wort-hopping--I mean it probably tastes yummy, but I'd like to avoid the potential for over-shadowing the malt character. 49 IBU also seems a touch high for what I'm tasting in this (lovely) German example. I have Mt. Hood (and I love that hop) but I could also see bumming some Spalt from Randy as he has them. I'm thinking I'll steal DC's grain bill and satisfy my vague desire for originality by redesigning the hopping. I'll lower the IBU's to maybe 42. I'll ditch the FWH and use a small dry-hop instead as this is key feature to some of the sticke alts. Should I just use Mt Hood or check into Spalt? I have Hallertau too. More on that in a few day--this should be my next beer, but tomorrow I'm bottling the aforementioned Tripel and brewing a loosely conceived tribute to Westvleteren 8 to get a feel for using Belgian dark candi syrup.


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