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Saturday, July 08, 2006

DIPA Pre-Race Routine

I'm running a 15K tomorrow. I thought I wouldn't drink but then I decided that might throw my whole system off. Star Chamber Double IPA seemed like the way to go. I love this beer and need to make a whole 'nother batch pronto--it's nearly gone. Hopefully it will lull me quickly to sleep...

Beautiful citrus/floral hop nose with a rich, piney under-layer. Lovely amber color. Succulent, malty palate swinging into a finish full of hop viscosity. The balance here is just spot on, which is why I have to reproduce it. If it reminded me of a commerical beer it might be Dogfish Head 90-Minute, which also has some of the same depth of malt and elegance on the palate, but this is more bitter over-all and more emphatically hop-scented (lots of dry hops here). This is one of the four or five best beers I've ever brewed. OK, off to bed.


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