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Thursday, August 18, 2005

Ten-Year-Old Saison de Pipaix

Found this at Beers of the World in Rochester. Brewed in July of '95, just shortly after I turned 21, and bottled in October of the same year. I'm making a similar Saison so this should theoretically be instructive, but this is so old it's kind of like, well, not really relevant. Complex as hell though.

It's basically still. Slightly cloudy, coppery gold color. No real head. Smells of peaches, apple cider, anise, lemongrass, dank underbrush--pretty lambic-y really. Despite the stillness, it kind of sparkles in the mouth--prickly acidity dances around and makes the palate remarkably lively overall, tasting like dry Normandy cider, or a very old geueze. The finish is supple and smooth, but definitely tart as well. Quite a wonderful beer.


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