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Sunday, August 14, 2005

Emergency Summer Beer

Realizing that the next beer I have ready to keg is a moderately rich brown ale, I had to divert my brewing plans a little to fill a keg with something summery. It's too damn hot, that brown will taste better in October, and I'm missing that wheat beer. The result is this spontaneous endeavor:

Emergency Summer Beer (1049 with 38 IBU):

5 lbs Briess Pale
3 lbs Wheat Malt
1 lb Victory
1 lb Flaked Rye

.6 oz Newport (70 min.)
1.5 oz Mt. Hood (15 min.)
1.5 oz Mt. Hood (shut-off)

Ferment with US56.

The idea is to have the lightness and fluffiness of the wheat, complemented by the toastiness and complexity of the Victory, plus a shot of grainy spiciness courtesty of the rye. Mt. Hood is a new hop for me. If what I've heard is right, it'll give me some of the subtle spiciness of Hallertau, with just a hint of a resiny American punch. The result: an a-stylistic beer, vaguely indebted to the American-style wheat beer, only with a little more hops and a little more depth in the grain bill. We'll see if it works tomorrow.


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