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Friday, July 01, 2005


So, yeah, the big mistake was forgetting to heat sparge water at all. I was like, "hey, it's time to sparge, how's about I . . . fucking hell." The sparge water is currently heating. Since it's hot, I'm having a Twiggy Pilsner, the infamous sulphury, then appley, then foot-y pilsner I brewed in mid-February. It's OK now. Not great, but OK. Decent head. Spectacular clarity if you don't pour the yeast. Almost too pale. Nose is Saaz-y with a little whiff of earthy spiciness. Palate is pretty clean. Malt character is unremarkable. Finish is a little loosely controlled but there's some good bitterness. It no longer smells like a foot, but there is a little something off somewhere--some rougher aromatic that reminds me vaguely of corn. My reference books seem to suggest that may be a little bit of unwanted dimethyl sulfide. This beer started horridly slow. I'm blaming that. So, yeah, it's not perfect, but it's refreshing in the summer and not too bad. May even get better if I sit on the last few six-packs. Is pilsner really worth the fucking trouble?


Blogger Lisa said...

You forgot about the brew supply store guy who dumped all three kinds of grain into the same bag.

6:18 PM  
Blogger Jason said...

Yeah, I'll mutter about that when I design that beer in a day or so...

4:13 PM  

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