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Monday, June 13, 2005

More hanging out

That was quite an eventful weekend. . .

Friday involved hanging out with various lovely people. I hung out with some combination or other of Nichole, Kelly, and Catherine (probably no one you know) from around 4:45 till close to three in the morning. We geeked out and talked about poetry and shit. On the beer end of things, Steelhead’s beers still struck me as quite good and Anderson Valley’s Hop Ottin’ IPA is even better than I remembered—indeed, one of the best IPA’s I’ve had. The hop bouquet is just lovely and it’s bitter and racy without being overblown or heavy. Nice malt character too.

Saturday, Brian (whom you also probably don’t know) and I had wicked fabulous Cuban food (a first for me). I had this magically yummy chicken bathed in garlic-lime sauce with fried plantains and beans and rice and so forth. Negra Modelo was a more or less ideal match.

Last night Peter and I went to Lucky Baldwins, which was cool. More Triple White Sage, a glass of Avec les Bons Voeux de las Brasserie Dupont (is there a better, more awkwardly named beer?), and a Brasserie des Geants Saison. Didn’t see the bottle for this. Was it Saison Voisin? Should’ve been more thorough. I was chatting so there are no notes, but it was a very good Saison, with a nice, solid bitter core and nice aromatic complexity. Oh, and Marston’s Pedigree is a good, clean, appley, minerally, very smooth bitter. I think all the hanging out and drinking is starting to wear me down a little, but, damnit, I’m a trooper, and tonight me and Cyn and Brian are going to a Stone Brewing Co. beer dinner in Long Beach.


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