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Friday, June 17, 2005

Last day at the Clark

It's a post with no beer in it. . . Go figure. I'm getting ready to leave the Clark. Packed up last night, loaded the car this morning, finishing up with a last couple books. It's been a fairly important month from a career standpoint. I guess my feelings about LA are ambivalent, but that's hardly surprising. Seeing friends has been really nice. Countdown to driving north: T - 90 minutes.

Wait, I refuse for this to become a "what-I-did-today blog." So I had a Moinette last night, Saison Dupont's stronger quasi-abbey beer. It's just a little richer blonde-gold color than Saison Dupont, but has the same huge snow-white head. The nose is markedly spicy, with coriander, pepper, passion fruit, ctirus, lemongrass, and delicately resiny hops. The palate is full; it's maltier and not as tart as the Vieille Provision, but not really sweet at all--it's more of an earthy, hearthy maltiness. The finish has a kind of roughness to it I like--the hops really kick in, leaving you with a deeply earthy, slightly funky, lingering bitterness. This is a great beer, brewable, probably, by just jacking up a relatively conventional Saison recipe. OK, back to work.


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