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Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Brewing plans

I spent a little of yesterday evening doing beer research. I think when I get back, other than trying to reuse my Saison yeast for something Belgian, that I'll try out a style I haven't made yet. It sounds like it's been a hot summer so far, so I'll knock out, asap, a Bavarian Wheat Beer. This will be something nice and crisp and bright tasting that I think I'll be able to push on people who are lukewarm on beer. And I think it'll go with summery cooking, as I'm intent on reviving my culinary side.

Yesterday I spent a couple minutes researching sushi recipes. So the plan will be to spend a little time learning to make great maki sushi and then having people over to wash them down with a crisp wheat beer, or for the hoppier minded, a Saison or Belgian pale. I may ramble about Weizen parameters when I get the recipe going in my head. The best German wheat beer, to my mind, is made by Schneider. I may have to go to a bookstore and look at Michael Jackson's main beer book to see if he reveals anything about the grist for that beer (my copy is in Utica). It's a touch darker and fruitier than most. But I could just do a basic, really pale one, which is more par for the course. The key is the yeast either way. Wyeast 3638 sounds really yummy, but I think Randy told me to use Weihenstephan. His recommendations have been solid and Weihenstephan is the classic choice, supposedly used by everyone from Ayinger to Schneider. And it comes in one of those lovely near-pitchable big smack packs which always get me better starts than White Labs.


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