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Monday, April 11, 2005


For the record these Rapscallion beers by Concord Brewing were kind of a find. I was really impressed by the layered maltiness of Creation. I'm now sipping Blessing, an artisanal hoppy beer. It's pretty damned good. Pale, rich, moderately strong, supper complex, interesting hop bouquet that's unlike anything else I can think of offhand. They don't say what hops they use, but they're from the Czech Republic, Slovenia, and the Pacific Northwest. Sounds to me like Saaz, Styrian Goldings, and I think I smell Chinook, maybe Centennial. What a beautiful beer. It's a nice reminder not to get too wedded to arbitrary geographical beer determinants. Someday I'll have to do some experimental beers in the sort of IPA meets extra-bitter Saison vein that this is in. Could mix like Halltertau, Fuggles, and Cascade, just because I could. Or Saaz and Chinook and Goldings, or whatever. Would like to bring some more of these beers back next time I'm in Boston--this was just a shot in the dark.


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