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Sunday, April 10, 2005

Accidental Barley Wines

A month or two ago I ran through a couple of early botched IPA's and discussed what was wrong with 'em. Basically, they were both British-style IPA's that hadn't attenuated quite properly due to my early ignorance about starters. They're beers that started around 1075-1077, then stalled at 1022-1023 and thus weren't so good. So I took those batches and re-warm-conditioned them for an extra two or three weeks and then stuck them back in the basement. I figured that if they were to ferment even a tiny bit, it would help and that I'd rather they were over-carbonated than under-attenuated. I don't know that they actually did much, but they are better. I've had one yesterday and the other today and I think they're just mellowing. The result is that they taste rather like modest-gravity barley wines. The hops are rich and mellow, the body is big and just a little sweet, and with time these elements seem to have combined. So maybe I won't just doggedly chug down the last few bottles to use 'em up. These are pretty good if you don't think of them as sloppy IPA's.

P.S. Grading sucks.


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