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Tuesday, March 29, 2005


Just a quick thought: Allagash, a Belgian-style brewery in Maine, isn't bad. Am drinking Allagash 4. It's quite rich and complex. Delicate, rustic corkiness. Copper-colored. Nose has a rich hit of what I think is aromatic malt. Not much hop aroma. It's not necessarily stunningly complex, but there's some nice stuff going on in this beer. I guess I wish it had more yeast complexity. No scratch that. The glass I just poured that's a little colder has more going on in the nose. I don't know. It's OK. I liked it, but was not moved. I have another one of their beers in the cellar. Will contemplate.

Tomorrow evening will be a chaotic evening of Singel bottling and Dubbel brewing. Recipe finalized about like the other night. Decided to add a tiny, tiny, late addition of Styrians plus one pod of star anise at shut-off. It's a good looking grain bill--I'm optimistic.


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