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Friday, March 25, 2005

Pale Ale early returns

Trying out Cat's Paw Pale, which is just officially bottle conditioned. Reasonably pale, but with a lovely russet tinge to it from the Crystal 120 and/or the Caramalt. The nose isn't as hoppy as I might've expected. Nice little grapefruity, flowery hit of Cascade. Amazing how much a light-handed application of Cascade can produce a delicate, restrained, British type of effect. Rich malty palate overall. Tastes more like the last ESB I had than the last pale I had, which is to be expected with this grain bill. It has some nice nutty, delicately caramelly notes in the palate. It's a little unfocused in the finish and would certainly benefit from 2-4 weeks in the basement. I'm finding, in my experimental home-brew drinking, that the finish is usually the last part of a beer to come around. A lot of beers smell and taste good before the finish well. The hopping is very controlled--if I didn't know this was bittered with Chinook, I would never guess. This is a very balanced beer that just needs a few weeks to come together. I may have under-hopped it. I wouldn't mind a little more Cascade in the nose, but this is certainly going to come off as a very British kind of beer, which, American hops notwithstanding, I very much wanted it to. So, yeah, it's good but needs maturing. I have high hopes for it.


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