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Thursday, March 24, 2005


Just deciphered the XX label more carefully. This one was bottled November, 2000. How that resolves the yeast question, I don't know.

Victory Golden Monkey -is- pretty good when drunk on the east coast. Though I still think it's not nearly as good as the other Belgian styles Victory makes, or, for that matter, Hop Devil or Prima Pils. But a very respectable Tripel all the same.

Tested my smoke beer: I think it's coming around. Considerably less medicinal and solventy. More smokey. Lovely malty palate shows promise. Moved it into a colder area for a pre-bottling lagering period.

Racked the oatmeal stout: Tasted great. Very big. Should I dilute this one slightly??

Racked the Belgian stout: Tasted a little odd, but that goes with the territory. Plenty of interesting malt flavors plus some erratic, slightly sulphury phenols. It'll chill out.

Tested the IPA: Very promising.

Tested the Singel--A little thin and weird. Where's the hops? May need to monitor this one. Should I throw some Goldings in there or trust that it'll come around?

Tested the Pilsner--Tastes good. Smells a little odd--vaguely cheesy. Moved it to a colder spot. I'm sure it'll lager itself back into shape--it was just actively bottle conditioning at 55 or so.

Too many beers to monitor. . .


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