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Friday, March 25, 2005

Too hoppy?

And one more teeny thought. I've been tasting my way through the Smuttynose big beer series, now that I've found a source. That would include a Doppelbock (B+/A-), a Maibock (A), a Scotch Ale (A), and, now, (or, rather, two days ago) Big A IPA. This is an award-winning IPA by the way. I'm intrigued to report that I might finally have found a beer that's too hoppy for me. I mean, I love hops, and it was a good beer, and I'd drink it again. If you wanted to give me a case, believe me, I'd take it. But it is SCREAMINGLY bitter. I think it's hoppier than Stone Ruination. My tasting notes (on a post-it) are a little skeletal:

Huge, HUGE, _HUGE_.

Thin head. Massive hoppiness w/a kind of creamy component. Medium bodied. _VERY_ bitter finish. More bitter than Ruination? Almost too bitter. . .

I'll have to have another. It's a fascinating beer with a wealth of hop richness. So maybe it wasn't too hoppy.


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