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Monday, April 11, 2005

Random brewing ideas

Before I forget, what about making an India Ale spiced with Indian spices, in delicate and judicious quantities. A beer that really capture the allure of the far East would be kinda cool, no? Oh, and when I went to John Harvard's in Cambridge MA they had just run out of their Double Pale Ale, damnit. It was a good brewpub, so I'd have been curious to try that. The waiter dude said it was their pale ale recipe, but with the water cut in half. How easy a recipe is that to write? And since I planned a bitter earlier, it's high time I was thinking of an ESB, something along the lines of Young's Special London Ale.

On previous Cake or Death Bitter recipe, I could go to .3 lbs on the last two dark malts. Should be a good beer--the SRM number could go up one or two without stylistic problems. I like the looks of that recipe. Maybe .6 oz. on the last two hop additions too. Not sure.

Just ordered supplies for the bitter and the tripel from Northern Brewer. Hate paying shipping, but it's reasonable and their service is quick and their products of exceptional quality. So be it. Sourcing brewing supplies is a problem around here. More Beer is good, but the lag time requires advance planning I can't always manage, and they don't carry some things. Northern Brewer has better hops too, and some superior malts. And the local places can't get some of the English specialty malts, for instance. And I have to drive to Oneida or Syracuse. 10 or 15 bucks shipping here or there is worth it. I just knocked back a wee dram of Laphroaig and the idea of a peat-smoked beer is really appealing right about now. So is sleep.


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