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Wednesday, April 20, 2005

I've about had it

In bad news, I fucked up my spare refrigerator. It's dead. I don't wanna talk about it. It was probably only a relatively short term solution anyway, but I screwed myself. Fuck.

In other bad news, my pilsner still sucks. How long do I have to lager this shit for??

In good news, my new Chinook-dominated India Pale Ale is tasting just beautiful in the early going. Massively hoppy, but surprisingly smooth considering. More analyses forthcoming.

In other good news, the bottles of Dr. Doom Strong Belgian Pale that have been lagering in the fridge are starting to really come into their own. Oh, and Brad and I test drove my fruity, yeasty, delicate Belgian singel--it's looking nice too.

Bottled an oatmeal stout and my smoke beer Sunday. The oatmeal is looking wonderful, the smoke beer, considering it's a tempermental lager, didn't look bad either. I also brewed a British bitter, or maybe it borders on a special bitter. This will be kegged for a party, courtesy of a friend's equipment.

Drank with Jerm the other night and co-wrote some rye beer recipes. Oughta post mine when I get a chance. Won't be able to brew it till July probably. He made a German-inspired beer we dubbed RoggenDunkelWeizenMarzenBock. It's rye, it's wheat, it moderately dark, but in a kind of Marzen range, it's a little higher in gravity, it's a RoggenDunkelWeizenMarzenBock. Only problem is it's also an ale, so we should probably jam an "alt" in there somewhere too. My beer was less teutonic, kind of an all-over-the-place vaguely English, malty ale, made with rye, chocolate rye, a little hit of smoked malt, some nice British crystal, and an all-Fuggle hop regimen. Sort of a Nut Brown Roggen Rauch. I thought it looked really intriguing by the time I was done with it. More on that later. These could both be disastrous beers, I suppose, but I thought honestly that they both looked wonderful and innovative. Was fun to design a beer without really giving a rat's ass about style. We'll see how they come out over the next few months.


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