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Monday, October 23, 2006

Hanssens Oude Kriek

Wow. Been a while since I had one of these. Went for a beautiful, if very chilly, autumn run and suddenly felt an overpowering desire for Kriek. This one is a stunning earthy, oxidized, orange-amber-red. The first aromatic impact is very earthy with lactic sharpness, fading into a deep, deep perfumey cherry scent. The palate is very sharp at first, mellowing into a paradoxically rich, palate-clinging, warmth. Flavor-wise, there are cherries everywhere, leaving their sharp, sour essence. This lambic always has a fantastic astringency and this is no exception: the finish lingers drily. It's probably not the perfect cheese for this beer, but a little sharp cheddar makes a nice counterpoint. The dregs just went into my lambic carboy, by the way.


Blogger Trina said...

Racked my cider batch 2 again. We have maybe 3 pints of clear juice now (out of the nearly 5 gallons of stuff we started with) We'll probably bottle it tommorrow. The first batch did some crazy things in the jar. The wire top that mom has on her counter went a bit brown at the top for about a week but has since cleared. I think that might mean we were successful in carbonating it by priming the bottles, so there is no oxegen left to oxidize the fruit and the alchohol is pretty good at keeping the color. I may have to break open the botttle and try it soon.

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