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Sunday, August 06, 2006

Sterling Wheat Saison

Had a random Saison idea the other day. I have Wyeast Farmhouse, which is supposed to be the Blaugies yest (they produce uber-dry, traditional Saisons). Around the time I was thinking of using this yeast, I also realized I had some things to use up. 1) Sterling hops, which are one of those kind of noble hop a la U.S. kind of things--they're supposed to be Saaz-y. 2) Franco-Belges Caramel Wheat Malt. It's hard to say the Lovibond on this, but it's probably in the upper twenties. It's just something I bought as an experiment and have somehow failed to use...

So this got me thinking: How about a wheat-heavy Saison that actually uses a caramel malt? And how about those Sterling? I had a Sterling-based Saison at BCTC that was terrific. The goal is to produce a fearsomely dry, relatively low-alcohol, subtly hopped Saison that is also fluffy with wheat, having just a little bit of toasty depth from the carawheat.

How bad can it be?


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