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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Varietal Hop Project / Valediction VI

Comparing a couple IPA's: R.I.P. First Hydrometer IPA (Columbus) and Dirty Hippie IPA (Chinook).

R.I.P. is better, but this may not be all that indicative... There's a problem with inconsistency in these beers where I only bottle a slight keg over-run, which is the case with the Chinook one. R.I.P. has a great, piney, vibrantly fruity nose and a full, nicely bittered palate. D.H. is just eneven and not that great--it was a nice beer on draft, but this particular bottle (probably 1 of only 7 or 8) is ho-hum at best. Eh. It's gone now.

So, damnit, I didn't really learn anything from this one. Except that it's hard to screw up a Columbus IPA. What a great hop...


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