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Thursday, August 10, 2006

Valediction V

The last bottle of D.Y. Porter: This is a Smuttynose Robust Porter clone--the affable David Yarrington gave me the grain bill and I designed the hopping. And seeing as how I am, like, fucking damn near out of dark beers (excepting imperial stouts) I had better make more next week. It's imperative. I'm partly looking forward to fall and winter because they inspire me to make darker and chunkier beers. IPA's stick around, but wheat beers and summer ales and the lighter pale ales tend to go out the window in favor of more browns and stouts and porters in the draft fridge.

This is a seriously opaque porter, loaded with chocolate and carafa malts. There's a little citrusy twinge in the nose from some Cascade, but mostly we're talking dark chocolate and more dark chocolate. Special B and other dark crystal malts lend a warm, rich support structure and some deep raisiny fruit on the palate and in the nose. There will be no significant changes to this recipe and the next one is going on draft, which may make it even better...

In other news, my Altbier officially sucks. I seem to be totally jinxed on German ales, seeing as how the two I've tried have both had contamination issues. God-DAMNIT! Is there a Ralph's around here?

On the other hand, my multi-grain saison looks like it'll be a rousing success. An early bottle was utterly delicious.


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