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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

First Brewiversary

For the record, today was my Brewiversary. Last year, on September 28, I made a batch of Dry Run Pale Ale. To celebrate, I drank the last bottle. Pretty good stuff actually. A tiny bit extracty-y (it was a MoreBeer kit), but clean and with excellent hop character and balance. Hopping was 2 oz Willamette at 5 minutes and 2 oz Cascade at 1. I may come up with a better grain bill and re-use that hopping regimen--very nice combo, actually. So happy brewiversary to me and, while I'm at it: Here's to the Amalgamated Brewer's Guild! Prost!

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Office boredom

I am sitting in my office at school, bored absolutely out of my skull. I thought maybe blogging about something interesting would perk me up, but so far it's not working...

Nope, not working. Going home.

Thursday, September 08, 2005

The Great Depression Part II

Am I the only one who thinks we're headed for some serious shit? Cuz I think we're headed for some serious shit. So, yeah, I'm bitter and depressed, but I shouldn't complain. Clearly, I didn't washed out to sea in a fucking hurricane. And I didn't drown in goddamn sewage while various elected officials jerked off. But whether I can afford to drive my car is borderline and the chances of me not running up a large credit card debt this winter are nil. NPR says natural gas prices will go up 70% this winter and we cannot, in any way, afford that. Pretty soon our heating bills will outstrip our mortgage and I'll have to quit my job and work in, like, a fucking meat-packing plant or something somwhere warmer. In the meantime, half the south will be starving to death and New Orleans will be a toxic wasteland. In other words, anyone who can afford utility stocks will be rich enough to bathe in Dom Perignon, and the rest of will fucking rot. Add rampant inflation and you've got a recipe for total fucking disaster and I am in no way equipped to weather it.