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Tuesday, July 06, 2010

The Enabler

At some point I should go off on my recent one-month beltway sorjourn, but I haven't quite found the energy to go through the notes. A phenomenal time was had; serious beer was drunk.

I did, however, review some great photos a moment ago and just poured a pint (in my "The Johns Hopkins University Graduate Representative Organization" glass) of "The Enabler," a Baltimore homebrew by C. P., new brewer, serious grad student, and pizza porn photographer extraordinaire.

Mike sent me home with this beer for post-hoc sampling and I couldn't quite remember what style it was supposed to be, but the nose makes it clear: MAPLE. The base beer seems to me to be a pale ale. Pleasant hoppiness, just enough to balance. Not at all cloying in its maple character, but clearly hit with some of the sweet stuff, given the aroma. The maple character blends nicely with the base malts. Really a very tasty beer and unique at that.

Oh, Canada . . .