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Sunday, August 26, 2007

Smutty IPA plus vague plans

Well, this blog is near death. Thought I'd give it a whirl though.

My brewing career is in a difficult spot since I didn't make enough beer this summer and school is starting. Where will I find time?

I'm sipping, incidentally, a Smuttynose IPA. What a stunning hop character this has... Last time I had one was on draft in Syracuse. It was delicious too, but a shock to the system as I was just returning from 3 weeks of English ale drinking. This hits you with grapefruit and a deep earthiness. Piney, but not pitchy. Little twinge of something that reminds me of a great loaf of S.F. sourdough bread. Just enough body to carry the hops. Paradoxically session-y tasting. I could put away a lot of these if I weren't careful.

My beer stock in the basement is all fucked up. I have lots of Belgian style beers, some OK, some good, some excellent. I have a few odd specialties, a six-pack of spruce beer, a mead, a smoked beer, an imperial stout that won't be drinkable for years--that kind of thing. I've somehow got into the habit of kegging all pale ales, IPA, browns, porters, and stouts. So if I want a mixed six-pack to bring somewhere, I'm screwed; if I want to offer someone who visits a beer, I'm limited to what's on tap a lot of the time, unless they're worthy of / capable of comprehending, say, a Flanders red.

I've got to brew some normal beers and bottle the damn things to restore order, because this is just ridiculous...