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Monday, April 12, 2010

Sam Smith's Stingo

How, long-time Smith's fan that I am, have I never heard of this? It's an eight percent, deep amber to brown ale, aged in old oak barrels for over a year. Rummy, yummy, lightly tannic, gently oaky, with lots of interesting fruit notes. If you were to produce a legitimately good fruitcake, this'd be a hell of a complement. And yet it's light enough that I'm somehow sipping it in the yard, pruning rose bushes. Go figure.

Forgot to post this yesterday. By way of follow-up I'm sipping a draft smoked porter. My usual Smuttynose-inspired porter but with a peated malt addition. Good stuff.

Next brew day is going to be something with Roeslare and I need to keg an IPA pronto.