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Monday, March 07, 2005

And then if I wanna cram in the Dubbel

In case I can piece this together in time to save on shipping. . .

Westmalle Dubbel has an OG of 1063--not that big.

Pale and dark malts, plus candi sugar--I was going to use jaggery.

Malty, chocolatey, raisins, banannas, passionfruit. A lot of that is the yeast.

Special B is a must. I have that. I don't have time to work out the particulars but here's the half-assed plan. Order Styrian Goldings to bitter and very delicately flavor the Dubbel. Order Pale malt, Caravienne, supplemental Special B, Munich, and Aromatic.

Wrote the following half-assed recipe which I'll fine tune later. Could make a little burnt syrup with some of the jaggery. Could also add a touch of Carafa to get a tiny bump of chocolate, which is very Westmalle.

For a gravity of 1063

8 lbs pale
.5 lbs each, caramunich, special B, and aromatic
1 lb Munich
1 lb jaggery.

Shoot for about 30 IBU's worth of Styrians.

Fuck it. Just saved eight bucks shipping and will nail down the particulars later. I've got other shit to draw on if needed, including a pretty excessive supply of hops and minor quantities of malt that need using. And the yeast will be recycled. Woo-hoo.


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