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Thursday, March 03, 2005

Jeremiah's B.I.P.A.

Here's another beer recipe, just for fun. Might even try myself. This is Jeremiah's attempt, with some chaotic input from me, to design a Belgian-inspired IPA.

For a gravity of 1068

Belgian Pale Ale Malt 10 lbs
Corn Sugar 1 lb
Munich Malt 1.5 lbs
Aromatic Malt .75 lbs
Wheat Malt .5 lbs
Carapils .25 lbs

For 68.9 IBU's

1 oz Chinook (70 min)
1.5 oz Cascade (20)
1.5 oz Cascade (0)
.5 oz Chinook (0 or 20?)
1 oz Cascade (dry hop)

Ferment with an estery Belgian yeast--I think Jerm has a White Labs Trappist yeast cake.

Sounds funky but perhaps really good. Sort of like a Steelhead Bombay Bomber ran smack into some sort of amalgam of DeKoninck and a strong version of De Ranke XX.


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