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Thursday, February 24, 2005

Brewing Schedule

I've ordered all the grain for the last few beers I've been rambling about. The rough plan goes something like this. Make a pale ale this weekend. 2 weeks later, bottle that and pitch a barley wine on the yeast cake. In the intervening week I'm making a smoked Marzen, to get that lager thing out of my system for a while. One more double decoction and I shouldn't want to make one till next winter. Of course, I could make another Pilsner on top of the old Pilsner yeast, or make a Bock on top of the Marzen yeast, but that would be insane, no? This makes for a very hectic three weeks of brewing, but what the hell. I also ordered materials for an IPA which can be made on the barley wine lees at such time as seems appropriate. Maybe I'll give the barley wine a two week primary and use the primary sediment. Spring break presents some opportunities--maybe I can fit the IPA in then, plus planning some more Belgians and at some point just a good simple stout. The IPA isn't too terribly time sensitive though--I'll keep the grain cool and the hops in the freezer. I could even make it before the barley wine, but I'd like to be able to age the barley wine at cool temps for a while--better get it out of the way. Oh crap, I forgot the oatmeal stout. That's happening sometime. Worst case scenario things'll get hectic and I'll brew three or four times of break. No reason not to. I think I'll also learn to cook Indian food over break

By the way I like my porter. Yes, it's awfully high on the aroma hops, but those Willamettes blend rather nicely with the roasty, toasty malt.

Am I going to have enough bottles?


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