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Saturday, February 19, 2005

Barley Wine Recipe

Guidelines and concerns:

Will boil forever--keep the specialty malts to 15% and under.

Thick mash: scant quart per pound.

Mash on the low side: 145-152. There'll be plenty of unfermentables.

Don't recirculate too fast (danger of compacting the grain bed).

Boil for 2-2.5 hours; with hops, no longer than 90 minutes.

Are hop corrections for high gravity beers considered by ProMash? If not, add an extra 2%.

Don't ferment too hot: 66-72. i.e. leave it downstairs? Expect to rouse the yeast.

Expect to re-dose with Yeast at bottling? (see Barley Wine, 108)

Try to age at 60 and under.

Be prepared to ad-lib when all the mash won't fit in my sparge bucket.

Anticipate space problems and get a junky Asian market 5-gallon kettle.

Consider just making 4 gallons? That keeps the quantities quite manageable

For five gallons, here's a draft recipe I'll try to run by a couple people before I buy the stuff:

15 lbs Pale
2 lbs Carastan (35L)
.5 lbs Crystal 75L
.5 lbs Cara-pils

2-hour-plus boil

Hop additions:

Chinook: 1.5 oz. (60 minutes)
Centennial: 2 (20)
Cascade: 1 (15)
Centennial: 1 (5)
Cascade: 1 (5)

Ferment withWyeast 1056 via Pale Ale yeast cake

Dry-hop for 2-4 weeks with 1 oz Chinook and .5 oz each Cascade and Centennial.


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