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Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Some random notes

I'm feeling depressed. Oh, and here's an oatmeal stout recipe to save me the trouble of recording this by hand.

For six gallons:

12 lbs Pale
.6 lbs Crystal 120L
.6 lbs Roast Barley
.6 lbs Chocolate
.3 lbs Patent
.3 lbs Wheat
.3 lbs Carapils
1.2 lbs Oats

Bitter with Northern Brewer. Modest late addition of Kent Goldings.

The quantities for my smoke beer, given scaling it up to 5.5 gallons, go something like this:

6.05 lbs Munich
5.5 lbs Smoked malt
.28 lbs Carapils
.14 lbs Carafa II

Bitter with 1.65 oz. Tettnang
.28 ounces in final two minutes.

I hope it's smoky enough. . .

Adjustment to previous IPA recipe. Do an oz. of each (Columbus and Chinook) for aroma, an oz. of each for flavor, and all Chinooks for the dry hop.

Lager yeasts Randy recommends: 2206 Bavarian, also for Bocks

Also try 2124, 2007

Sometime, by the way, if this Rauchbier works at all, go to the Schlenkerla website, where they have decent stats and info on several other beers, like the Ur-bock and a smoked wheat beer.

IPA--don't forget to go to 5.5

Buy a damned screw clamp to hold the damned transfer tubing from my kettle.

Plan a Roggenbier? Maybe a bock?


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