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Sunday, May 02, 2010

Batch 200

Just brewed batch 200. Was vaguely planning to do something outlandish, some sort of oak-aged, improbably strong, fusion style, ostentatious sorta deal. But the number crept up on me so I just brewed something that went with the yeast I had already smacked, an old pack of 3789 from last spring. The result is a beer loosely inspired by, but not intended to be a clone of, Orval.

I'm hell bent on brewing fairly regularly for the next couple of weeks to create a base of future operations and restore some stocks. So there was a batch of Roeslare pale last week, this Orvalish concoction today, and several other things in the works: Steam, Pils, Smoke, and Saison are probably at the top of the list. Draft stocks are OK and about to get better so the long term lagers and Belgians are key for the moment, though, as always, a batch of IPA or summery pale ale for draft would not be a bad idea either...


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