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Sunday, October 18, 2009


As to the question about what I'm brewing:

Not much, damnit.

Right now I have a small glut of beers that need packaging. Two saisons and a tripel to bottle. A pumpkin ale to keg (NOW!). A wet hop ale shortly. The wet hop one is, I think, the only beer I've brewed this term, unless there was another in the first week before things got hairy. I've just been swamped. I did harvest 3 or 4 weeks ago a big bucket of Cascades from the yard and brewed with them immediately. Looking forward to that one. But a whole bunch of other projects are backed up and I need a week off to catch up with all the yeasties that need food . . . Perhaps next weekend will be the time to straighten things out, on which prospect more soon.


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