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Sunday, August 09, 2009

Pretty Things

Pretty Things Beer and Ale. Never heard of 'em. Saw a bottle of their Jack D'Or "Saison Americain" and felt like I hadn't tried anything new in a while. They appear to be a very small brewery in Mass and if this is any indication, someone knows what they're doing. Grassy, hoppy, spicy nose. Reminds me ever so faintly of a NZ sauv blanc (my favorite white wine), what with the grassy thing. Actually, scratch that. It reminds me a LOT of a New Zealand Sauv Blanc. It's that grassy, green bell pepper thing. Shit! I love it! Dry, peppery palate. Nice bitterness, higher than would be traditional with (a look at their site confirms my palate suspicion) some U.S. hops. Wow. Quite a discovery. I'm going back for a few more bottles. They were being closed out at a local beer store... Pourquoi???

Oh, the label's a kick, by the way. It's, like, a birch forest with a washtub, and some sort of rutabega looking character with a Frenchy handlebar mustache taking a bath in the tub. I'm guessing he's a barley kernel, actually, but my first thought was, "What the fuck? It's a rutabega taking a bath!" Perhaps they were inspired by de Dolle Brouwers to do whacky illustrations.



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