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Friday, February 27, 2009

Angry Beer Tasting


4:10 Bryant and Sharon arrive. Stout and Obama's Brown IPA are consumed.

4:20 Randy and Rick arrive. Randy's ass is wet from a beer spilled in the car. He blow dries his ass. We drink Reconciliation, a brett brux beer. It's lovely, dry, half tart, mildly funky.

4:45 Sherry-ish oxidized Flemish brown with raspberries--lovely.

4:55 Old lambic. Chlamydia aftertaste. Super weird, funky lambic. Really grows on me, Randy, and Rick. Sharon and Lisa are not down with it. Understandably.

5:05 Draft Kriek is consumed. It is deemed overly fecal, but complex and highly sour. Rick likes it more than Randy does

5:25 "Vin" Chardonnay beer is drunk. Oaky, buttery, vinous, plums, hard-to-place fruit, butterscotch. Good stuff.

5:50 Moreval is horsey, leathery, dry. Great beer.

6:10 Kyrie is a gorgeous, dead perfect, floating on a cloud saison. Rick regards it as the best beer of mine that he's had.

6:30 Bad Angel black saison is gorgeous. We like it.

Groups splinter off for other events, but it was a fine beer tasting.


Blogger Trina said...

Late on the ball... but why was it angry?

3:33 AM  
Blogger Jason said...

I and one or two others were super bitchy and overwrought about school--just looking to blow off steam....

8:25 PM  

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