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Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Brewery Update

Today was a two batch bottling day. Ugh...

On draft:

Up-a-Creek Kriek
"I'm Finishin' My Coffee" Stout (virtually gone--a gem, by the way)
No-Name English Bitter (what I'm sipping)
Aimless Academic Ale (a-stylistic UK ale--brown meets Winter Welcome?)
Pliny the Motherfucker (a very bitter, free-style, Pliny the Elder knock-off)

Bottled stocks:

Lookin' good. Lots of Belgians available and a nice range of summer-ish beers, from helles bock, to pilsner, to weizen. Weak point would be a lack of bottled pale ale and barley wine stocks that need replenishing. May plan a tasting or two to clean out the library--there are a few things where the final bottle or two may as well be dispensed with.

Just bottled:

Fucktoberfest: The Okobterfest I didn't mean (or need) to brew but someone gave me a smacked pack of Wyeast Oktoberfest. Just as well--it should be delicious. Quirky, non-traditional grain bill with some toasty Special "B" giving it a certain je ne sais quois.

No-Name Altbier: Old Guy Altbier? I'm turning 35 shortly. . . Also tasted promising.

In fermenters:

A probably mediocre saison--good concept but has some weird aromas. May be fruited and served on draft.

A horribly fecal and sour lambic. Patience will be needed. Big time.

A hopefully delicious Ardennes hoppy Belgian pale. Yeast cake will probably produce an IPA Tripel, that style that everyone is doing now . . .

Session IPA. Bottle or keg? Should really bottle one for a change.

3787 Dubbel.

Upcoming projects include, in rough order of priority:

Corny summer piss beer
More IPA
Saison (2 different yeasts to use)
Chili ale?
Other Belgians (Have packs of Trappist Blend and Canadian Belgian--both new to me)
1 or 2 Roeslare beers (Pale and Flanders brown?)
Barley wine

All in all, I've a healthy brewery. I am running out of bottles though...

Thanks for reading.


Blogger Honkymagic said...

Have you used the Wyeast 3711 Saison yeast? I used it on a couple of saisons earlier this year (from one of last summer's smackpacks) and was impressed with both its easy and attenuation and its flavor profile (lots of citrus and some pepper, too). Supposedly, it's in the next round from Wyeast, after the sour blends.

3:24 PM  
Blogger Jason said...

Yep, I have. Your description of it is perfect. It's my favorite Saison yeast. The "Farmhouse" strain ain't bad either, but the French one has made my best saisons and is vastly easier to work with than the Dupont-derived strains, whether from Wyeast or White Labs. Happy brewing...

4:52 PM  
Blogger Trina said...

Can you send some brewing karma to Jerm? He needs some inspiration if I'm going to have wedding beers!

1:05 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have an unlimited supply of bottles. Stop over to grab some anytime.

Nail creek chris

7:29 PM  

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