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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Dogfish Head Burton Baton

Random tasting notes on the above:

Pretty intriguing beer. 10% DIPA meets old ale with some oak aging for one or the other or both. Haven't exactly researched this. It has elements that are clearly right out of the DFH 90-minute wheelhouse: Sweet, smooth, candied malt character; floral piney hops. There is an earthiness and an oaky vanilla aspect that is a welcome addition to the profile. The high alcohol is nicely concealed and the edges of the beer well rounded.

The other night I had a sip or two of bourbon (Elmer T. Lee), and then poured a half pint or so of my draft IPA (all Simcoe) without rinsing the glass. The resulting elixir has inspired me to contemplate a serious bourbon barrel DIPA. Might be phenomenal if properly executed. I like the Burton Baton but I think I could do better with a little luck, simply because these DFH IPA's are always just a little bit too malt-balanced for me. I'd prefer something a tad drier, but with some of the same tenuous balance between the rich and the hoppy.

Looking at brewing a hoppy spring Belgian pale this weekend, I think...


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