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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

New brews?

Well, it's summer. I've just returned from England a little over a week ago. I should do a huge post on the beer I drank there. I have notes on paper...

After close to five weeks off, it's time to make some beer. I have too many yeasts in stock and am not sure where to start. I need a couple of session beers for kegging--British style things or U.S. pales and IPA's. I am way overdue to bang out a barley wine and a DIPA. I also have Belgian yeasts to use--Farmhouse, 3787, and Ardennes for starters. Plus lambic and Roeslare packs. Sheesh.

The Farmhouse will produce two saisons, a relatively slender little hoppy Saison and, later in the summer, a big over-blown honey Saison, loosely in the manner of Dupont's Biere du Miel. Ardennes was acquired specifically to do a big hoppy IPA Tripel fusion thingy, but I'm inclined to do a littler beer to get it going--not sure what yet. 3787 is a standby of mine with which I've made great singels (had one last night), great dubbels, and very Westmalle-esque tripels. Since those Saisons are all pale, I'm inclined to maybe take this year's pack of 3787 somewhere different.

In case it helps, I'm going to drink a Rochefort 6 from my stash. I tried a Rochefort cloning project, but had real issues with 1762, their supposed yeast--it doesn't attenuate enough for me. The 6 is sooo soft, with a delicate spiciness to the nose.

Perhaps one solution to my dearth of dark beers and my tendency to do 3 or 4 pale Belgians for every 1 dark one would be to craft a medium gravity darker beer to be fermented either by 3787 or Ardennes in lieu of a singel or Belgian pale. I could target 1072 or so (what this beer is) , incorporating plenty of a liquid candi sugar or the "soft" candi sugar and one good crystal (Special B or a Caramunich). Very simple. Bittering hops only. Perle or Northern Brewer to a very delicate number of IBU's. Seems like that couldn't go far wrong...


Blogger Trina said...

New spelling and grammar conventions? Too, to, or two?
Session, saison, or season?

Oh sorry, I'm not on vacation yet... one more day. Then it will all make sense!

8:34 PM  
Blogger Jason said...

Oops. Only the two was wrong...

8:45 AM  

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