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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Spontaneous Grisette Tasting

9 months ago, I made a Grisette. It was mostly an excuse to get some Forbidden Fruit yeast going to start a darker, bigger beer (also a success). So the grist was simple--almost equal parts, pils, wheat, and vienna. Lightly hopped with Mt. Hood. The corked version, which I am tasting right now, is a real charmer:

Luminous yellow-gold with a nice, sparkling white head; indescribable nose (delicate citrus, evanescent hint of hop, wildly floral {lilies?}, kiwi {?}, hint of bread baking around the block); slender, but satisfying, body with delicate, thirst-quenching tartness.

This is a nice reminder of how good (and refreshing) a Belgian style beer can be without the brewer getting carried away or mucking stuff up. Also without getting all high gravity, as if that were somehow a requirement. This started at only 1045 and I would have it no other way.


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