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Monday, February 19, 2007


Thank god.

After a 2 hour and 50 minute boil, the imperial reached the desired gravity--spot on, in fact.

I am pitching on a cake of 1028 London in a few moments. The baby beer, another O.B.B. affair, tasted O.K. going into keg. As I am now officially paranoid about sanitation and bugs, I was afraid I detected the tiniest, tiniest sour tinge, but there's not a lot I could do about. No guts, no glory. Pitch on the cake of the requisite English yeast, probably attaining beer nirvana, or puss out and pitch five packs of U.S. 56 to create a pallid simulacrum of the original beer? A simple decision. So hopefully the culture is still pure enough. I think that what I was picking up in the other beer is simply the little bit of acidity that goes with dark malts--in this case, lots of brown and a good shot of patent.

No worries.

I hope.

Having a tripel (very nice) to unwind, but better go sanitize the aeration equipment.

The leftover wort is about 6 gallons at 1034 or so. This should produce about 5 gallons at 1041 or so. Perhaps 1.5 pounds of assorted crystal malts, some supplemental black malts, and a cup o' sugar'll do 'er? Just looking to make a simple session stout. I may try to borrow a pack of some dry English yeast, or I could really chunk it up with every scrap of odd lot malt I've got, add some molasses and chicory, go ape-shit, and produce some kind of half-assed Dogfish-Head-ish experimental monstrosity. Hop the hell out of it? Who knows?


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