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Tuesday, January 18, 2005

And another superfluous post just to hear myself talk

And, by way of another thought five minutes later: I think I'm gonna let the weather dictate my brewing a little more. Though barley wine will be lovely in winter it'll take forever to make even if I start now. As long as my basement is fifty degrees, after the planned Belgians (which will age beautifully down there) I'm going to try my first Pilsner and squeeze in a Belgian strong ale somewhere. As long as I can actually conveniently manage a free, lengthy cold-aging, why not make a Duvel-type beer? It's effectively a lagered ale, so after a fairly warm fermentation by a radiator I'll give it a nice long secondary in the basement, and a nice long bottle conditioning in the car hole or under the cellar doors. If I get on it, I oughta have a wicked beer (tentatively titled Doctor Doom) by May. Starting with info from Randy Mosher and a Michael Jackson piece on the Duvel process. Wish me luck.


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