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Monday, December 06, 2004

Dogfish Head Worldwide Stout

I'm gonna have to get another one of these damnit... I hate expensive beer... This is an 18% abv stout. The nose alone makes your head swim, but it is nevertheless a peerlessly balanced, coal black elixir. The head had enough viscosity, when I poured the beer, that a couple of little teeny tiny beads of beer danced on the surface of the foam for a few seconds before falling through. Nose: Alcohol, licorice, vanilla, molasses, coffee, chocolate. Palate: Figs, prunes, dates. Viscosity galore. Lingering, but clean and focused, finish. Between this and 120-Minute IPA, Dogfish Head has completely superseded all other other 13%+ brewing efforts. If I can just get my hands on 30-odd pounds of good malt, perhaps I can whip up a five-gallon batch of something similar...


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