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Tuesday, January 18, 2005

A random, terse post

It's cold. Really fucking cold. Like -4 in the middle of the afternoon with a windchill of -20. School starts tomorrow and I am only mariginally prepared. Taking a break from last minute syllabus writing. On the plus side, my brown ale is maturing beautifully. Love the Fuggles dry hop, love the faintly oaky twang, love the earthy little sourdough aroma. Ought to make again sometime, tweaking it to make it a shade darker and just a teensy bit maltier. It's more interesting than Newcastle, but still needs a little more malty richness to stay a little closer to style. Great dry finish. Also makes a damn good over-worked professor's English-style snacky dinner with a hunk of whole grain bread and a wedge of sharp cheddar.


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