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Saturday, March 01, 2008

Non-Posting Ass-Clown

It's been a while. Random brewery update:

After an alarming nine-week hiatus, the brewery kicked into high gear and I temporarlily lost my mind. Currently in fermenters:

Vinification Charbonnay Barrel Beer (Roeslare + Lambic Blend)
Pliny the Welder (pretty close to the Pliny the Elder recipe)
No-Name American Brown Ale
Amanuensis Ale (American pub-style Blonde)
Sunny Thursday Bavarian Weizen
2.5- year-old Lambic that I may bottle soon

Currently boiling is an all-Tettnang Pilsner.

Shortly to follow:

Framboise Lambic (pack is swelling)
Some sort of IPA with Flying Dog yeast?
A British bitter (West Yorkshire yeast)
Something dark . . .

Northern Brewer order needed soon to replenish bottle caps, yeast stocks, and minor specialty malts.

Thanks to the Bambergers for delivering malt from North Country to Randy's house, whence I have three new sacks of grain.

Promising new beers include Bitch Bastard Blizzard Bock (all-Vienna Helles-Bock) and a Belgian IPA Tripel type of thing. . .



Blogger Trina said...

Yep. Another month gone. Still an ass clown. K has mystery beer in our fridge brewed by Katy's brother, wish us luck! :)

10:23 PM  

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