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Saturday, November 24, 2007

Belgian X-Mas Beers II

Brouwerij Achilles is apparently a garage microwbrewery, sort of like Blaugies used to be. Their "Serafijn Christmas Angel" is sort of like a lighter, perkier, drier Scaldis Noel. O.K., that's a lot of exceptions/qualifiers. The aroma has a very Scaldis-esque, candy-candy-candy maltiness. Then it gets drier, cleaner, and brighter: brilliant, effervescent palate; appley nose; surprisingly dry, given the deep, malty nose. A rather lovely beer, all around.

Oh, home-brewers, do NOT forget that Belgian beers are NOT all complex with a capital "C." Au contraire, many of them are surprisingly direct and uncomplicated. Here, in the grand scheme of things, some bright, fruity esters overlay a rich malt palate lightened by sharp carbonation. That's about it. And yet it's awesome. Go figure.


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