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Friday, March 10, 2006

All hail Vienna

The malt, not necessarily the city--never been there. I'm just sipping Blue Hood Pale Ale. Near the end of the keg and I wanted to pause and reflect on a pretty yummy beer. This was an APA, sort of: 1053-ish with 37 IBU's. Vienna + Mt. Hood. End of story. I -love- the color Vienna gives--a very clean, elegant gold. The head is scary good--almost kinda shaving cream-y. It's highly drinkable. Nose combines subtle hop spice and a little bready maltiness--very uniform palate follows through on all of that. It's just a really elegant, under-stated beer. I'd brew it again without change. I'd also considering adapting lager and Saison versions of the same. Maybe even like a Euro-barley wine or something like that. It's good that I'm enthused, cuz I have another 40-odd pounds to use up. . .


Blogger dingus said...

Thanks! Big time for the tip/thoughts. I know what my next brew will be.

I saw a beer in the store the other day - a pale with styrian primarily. - I might try that...

4:00 PM  

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