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Saturday, April 08, 2006

Oatmeal Ale and Pilsner

I'm sipping my new pilsner while trying to figure out a wholly unrelated beer problem. Years ago I had an "Oatmeal Ale" from McMullen's. It was lovely, sort of a pale ale with oats. I don't have the information to even think about a clone, and I'm not sure I remember what the beer tasted like, but I have a cake of 1028 opening up tomorrow and I must put something on it to prepare for making imperial stout in a couple more weeks. Thus the McMullen's inspiration. I have three ways of adding oats--indeed, I have oats to get rid of: rolled, Fawcett's oat malt, and Simpson's Golden Naked Oats (a sort of dehusked, toasted oat product).

I also have some pellet First Gold hops I've been wanting to try.

So I'm thinking I should lightly Burtonize the water, use Maris Otter as a base, a 1/4 to 1/2 lb. of Carastan as an accent, maybe 2 lbs of oat malt, and a lb of these golden naked things. I think, given that this yeast is pretty hard core, that I'll mash at 153-4 to avoid an overly dry beer. I think I'll hop it to the tune of a .7 BU:GU ratio, reserving an ounce for a final addition at shut-off.

The result is the following un-named beer of dubious potential quality:

OG 1051
IBU 35.2

8.5 lbs Maris Otter
2 lbs Fawcett's Oat Malt
1 lb Simpson's Golden Naked Oats
.5 lbs Bairds Carastan

1 oz First Gold (70)
.5 oz First Gold (15)
1 oz First Gold (0)

Mash at 153
1.5 tsp Burton salts in kettle

On another note, my pilsner is good. First attempt at the style last year was kind of a flop. It is hard to do. This one has no evident flaws. It's just bit bitter for a traditional Czech example, but I wanted to swing more toward, say, Victory Prima Pils. It's got a moderately full body to balance the hops and a lively spiciness from whole-flower domestic Saaz.


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