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Thursday, March 30, 2006

Assorted stuff

I'm sipping Probation Pale. Unfortunately this beer has lousy clarity because I kegged it without a secondary fermentation--this was pure laziness and opportunism on my part. Dumb-ass. On the other hand, it tastes quite nice. This is a simple recipe. 1051; 42 IBU. Easy on the specialty malts--just a touch of Carasatan and Amber. Chinook and Cascade. Nothin' crazy. The nose blends nice, lively C-hops (mostly Cascade) with the little signature nutty quality that amber malt brings to the table. Clean, nicely balanced palate. Very session-able. I like it.

In more exotic news, I tested my all-Brett Brux Belgian and, hallelujah, it's pretty damn nifty. It's dead pale, lightly hoppy, a little sour, has wonderful leathery, lightly barn-yardy aromatics. Pretty much exactly what I wanted. I'll bottle it within a week or two, doing 6 or 7 corked bottles to lay down and the rest in 12-oz'ers. I think this will be a splendidly refreshing summer beer. I'm psyched. Oh, and it finished at 1.002! I think I'll bring a corked sample to "Belgium comes to Cooperstown" and hope I run into Vinnie Cilurzo.

Also brewed my singel--went pretty smoothly. Should be totally different from my other one. I trust 3787 to make great beer, though you never know when it will start decimating airlocks and taking over whole city blocks, spewing krausen all over an unsuspecting populace. . .


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