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Sunday, March 20, 2005

Too much brewing

Spring break brewing was exhausting. In the past ten days, I have made:

1. A very, very promising, powerfully hoppy IPA (now in secondary on 1.5 oz. dry Chinooks)

2. A dry, slightly tart, fruity Trappist-style Singel (now in secondary), emphasizing Belgian Biscuit malt and Hallertauer and Spalt hops.

3. A big, rich Oatmeal Stout which blew hop mung all over my dining room last night.

4. An enormous Belgian-style stout currently fermenting violently courtesy of Wyeast 3787 Trappist High Gravity.

They're all fermenting together and I have photos of the carnage but the photo-posting software sucks and I can't get it to work. Stay tuned. The oatmeal shot off its blow-off tube in the night, leading to a moderately nasty mess. The Belgian stout is fitted with an enormous blow-off tube which is, I believe, uncloggable. Though it looks pretty gross. Together they present an almost symphonic cacophony of bubbling audible throughout the basement and first floor.


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